"Rocken har flera fickor."

Translation:The coat has several pockets.

January 5, 2015

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Woah, now that's a false friend between Swedish and German I really have to watch out for...


Dutch as well. Rokken sounds like Rocken.


And then (I just realized) the Swedish for 'skirt' is kjol, which is similar to the Dano-Norwegian word for 'dress' -- kjole.

(Dang you, Swedish)


Swedish just loves to borrow words and mix their meanings around apparently.


Both rock and kjol are very, very old words in Swedish, though. Not exactly what I'd call loans in this context. :)


Rock, or fickan?


In German, Rock means "skirt", and Röcken is "skirts".


The plural of Rock is Röcke, not Röcken


Sure, but they didn't say "skirts" is Röcken but the other way around... and Röcken is the dative plural. :)


Do... Do you mean the rock (ger. Skirt) or ficken(ger. to f**k)


Older meaning I suspect. Think of the "Bratrock".


It wanted me to write "multiple pockets" after I put "many pockets", why is this?


that happened with me too... why?


Because many in Swedish is "manga", "flera" means multiple or several (somebody explained it as a little more than two).

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    Yes, maybe so, but "multiple" doesn't give any better idea of more than just a couple than many, so maybe "a few" is better than multiple ?


    You've still got a word like "several". : >


    Arguing semantics for a second - Several doesn't necessarily mean many. You could have 3 shirts and have several shirts, but not many shirts.


    wait... does that mean that girl is the same word as pocket?


    Yeah, I misread that as well. The word for girl ("flicka") has an "l" in in whereas the word for pocket ("ficka") lacks said "l" Although the insuing comedy value is worth the mistranslation... ^.^


    I so focused this time it's not a girl that I wrote buttons instead of pockets :/


    And it allows for the funny tongue twister given by one of the mods: Flickan i fickan har en ficka med en flicka i.


    mine was an audio thing, and i was definitely wondering why the coat had several girls.


    No, a girl is "en flicka" and a pocket is "en ficka"


    It is correct. En flicka means a girl


    I listened several times and swear I heard flickor not fickor


    Random question. If i want to say "i need it". Do i say " jag behöver det/den" or "jag behöver dess"


    is there a different word for jacket? the program did not accept jacket instead of coat.


    a jacket = "en jacka"


    Attention: It is still wanting us to put "multiple pockets" rather than "many pockets". As the difference in semantics is negligible, can this be fixed? Thank you DuoFriends. :)

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    Imho the difference is really not negligeable


    Apparently another word for "a coat" is "en kappa". Hehe, I like that one better. Kappa kappa ;D


    "Kappa" is generally used to describe a "womens' coat"


    ( This question may be a bit off topic )

    Does anyone know please why do I have an extra ''é'' next to the other special characters below the text field? ( There are å, ä and ö ). Are there Swedish words with the character ''é''?

    Thank you very much!


    Yes, we typically use those in French loan words where the stress falls on the last syllable (which is not typical for Swedish words otherwise). So to cover those cases, we asked to have it included too. Examples include armé 'army', allé 'avenue', idé 'idea'.


    And also there are quite a few surnames with "é" such as "Rosén", "Frändén" and "Åhlén" ("Åhléns" is the biggest department store chain in Sweden). They won't be taught here on Duolingo, but still...


    I've translated the word "rocken" as "the overall" and Duolingo said that I was wrong. Was I?


    Wikipedia tells me that an overall in English is snickarbyxor in Swedish, whereas en overall in Swedish is a jumpsuit in English. I've got to admit I never use the word overall in English so I'm not totally sure what it stands for. Where are you from and what do you use the word for?


    I've used this dictionary when I learnt that rock = overall (http://en.bab.la/dictionary/swedish-english/rock).

    PS. I'm Czech and my English (as a second language) is a hybrid of both American and British English. PPS. Thank you, Arnauti, how nice of you to address our questions!


    They seem to be thinking of en arbetsrock or skyddsrock, these can be an overall in English. But the word we're trying to teach is the normal simple word en rock which is 'an overcoat' or 'coat' in English. If you image google trench coat you'll see some typical examples:

    (link to such a search: http://bit.ly/1NT1li1)


    Yup, that's snickarbyxor. Literally = 'carpenter's pants'. en overall in Swedish is apparently 'a boilersuit' in English.

    Image from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boilersuit


    Why is en rock first a jacket, but later a coat?


    The translation of coat can also be "jacka" right?


    why many is not good? WHY WHY WHY!?!?!?


    Because many is många in Swedish. It means a great number. Flera just means several, in the sense of more than one.


    Why not some pockets? I don't see any difference between several pockets and some pockets


    Some pockets = några fickor


    What is the difference in meaning?


    *Does the coat have pockets?"

    "Ya, it has some" - It does, in fact, have pockets, but there aren't that many and it may disappoint you if pockets was a major thing you're looking for.

    "yes, it has several!" there are probably more than you expect.


    "Several" is countable though not a specific amount, not so many that you cannot count them, but more than two and not that many. The items are viewed as individual and separate. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/several (Often used for three or four, but can be a bit more.)

    Some is a completely undetermined amount - a little or a lot - we just don't know. The items are viewed as a whole group, indistinct from each other. It is more than none and less than all. It can also be used with uncountable things, such as water. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/some


    Why 'several' works for flera but 'many' does not?


    Those are not synonymous in standard English. The usual definition of "several" is something like "more than a few, but less than many".


    I keep mixing flickor and fickor, then I get very confused because a coat shouldn't have many girls haha

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