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We should have the ability to challenge our friends

I have started a local competition here among my friends, of who can get the most points in a week. I had to manually track the points but it would be cool if you could track it automatically.

I think it would be cool to also be able to challenge somebody. Of course cheating would be an issue so if you could see how the other person got the points then it could relieve that

I did a challenge like this with my gf and before that my daily record was around 170 points but the last day of our competition I was behind and I was able to get over 600 points in one day!!! This 4x of my previous old score was great later on too as it broke my old ideas of what a good score for a day was. Competition was the thing that motivated me to learn the most

What do you think? Could it work?

January 5, 2015



Just add them as friends and you can see their points in the leaderboards on your Home screen.


There was a way to play against others in real time on the ios version (not sure about computer and android), but for some reason, after the update they removed it ...

Your idea seems good as well...

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