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  5. "Fui al hotel anoche."

"Fui al hotel anoche."

Translation:I went to the hotel last night.

July 24, 2013



I believe "i was at the hotel last night" is wrong but i can't understand why.


Yep, fui = I was = I went. But if there is an 'a' it suggests movement, so the verb is 'ir.' If you were staying there I think it would be 'en el hotel' and estuve -- estar because it was a location. I was at the hotel last night = Estuve en el hotel anoche.


Thank you very much!


Also ser is used for more permanent characeristics or stayes of being. Like I am Canadian. (Nationality) I am a man. (Characteristic) I am a secretary. (An occupation)

Estar is used for ones location always as you will likely just be there for a matter of time and not permanently.


Okay this is kinda getting annoying haha... can 'anoche' be used by itself? In another question, anoche was used with 'de'.


Ok, I work with many latinos, and they are telling me that anoche is two words. "a noche". What do I do with this? I changed it because they told me it was two and got marked wrong, though I initially had it as one.


why yesterday night is wrong but last night is OK (anoche)


Told me I was writing in English when giving the same response as above.

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