"Ta inte den allra dyraste soffan!"

Translation:Do not take the most expensive couch of all!

January 5, 2015

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Can someone explain the need to have "allra" if dyraste means the most expensive anyway? In English, there wouldn't be any need for the "of all".


It is the same in Italian, to emphasize the "superlativo assoluto": IL PIÚ CARO DI TUTTI"


There's a difference in meaning between den dyraste soffan and den allra dyraste soffan, something like between the largest and the very largest, though I don't think very fits in this sentence.


Still not overly clear why you would need it, but thank you!

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"Allra" is used to emphasize that there really is nothing that is more "something" than that particular thing. It may seem superfluous, but you could look at it as the "really" for superlatives.

You could say "it is really expensive", but if you think about what you say here the "really" just points out that you "really" mean what you're saying.

In Swedish, "Allra" has a similar function for superlatives. So "it is the most expensive one" would be translated as "det är den dyraste", but if you want to point out that it really is the most expensive one, you would add "allra"; "Det är den allra dyraste".

Does this make sense to you?


I can add a historical perspective that allra is an old form meaning ’of all’, it might help to think of it that way.

  • Han är snabbast. = He is the fastest.
  • Han är allra snabbast. = He is the fastest [of them all]. (The very fastest / The absolute fastest)


Yes, much clearer, thank you both!


It seems the accepted answer is sometimes pretty narrow. I left off "of all" and was marked wrong.


Me too, twice now, as it really makes no sense in English. It seems an anachronism Swedish has maintained that English has lost.


Don't take the most expensive sofa. This should be accepted, you do not need "of all", it is redundant.


This is a terrible translation into English. Nobody would say it like that. It should be "Do not take the most expensive sofa." The "of all" on the end is unnecessary, redundant and just plain sounds silly.

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