"Le forchette sono le tue."

Translation:The forks are yours.

July 24, 2013

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I think i heard quite a similar phrase used in Star wars - "Let the forks be with you".


The use of two articles is needed? Is "Le forchette sono tue" correct?


No, le tue is needed because it is a possessive noun.


I might be confused but f.formica noted on another discussion that "when any attribute (possessive included) is alone in predicate position (the form 'A is B') the article can be omitted."



Nit in the examples it is stated "il gatte è mio" and not "il gatte è il mio".


The article is not needed in this case because tue is a subject complement.


In italian, the article (or an articulated preposition) in front of possessive pronouns is sometimes optional, but it is never a mistake.
Le mie forchette sono sporche, le tue sono pulite
Le mie forchette sono più pulite delle tue
Here the article and the articulated preposition are mandatory

"Le forchette sono tue" = "Le forchette sono le tue"
The difference is Very subtle and IMHO there is no real difference in meaning

instead, there is a slight difference in meaning if the sentence is in its negative form.
"Le forchette non sono tue" = "the forks are not yours" (maybe you have some forks or maybe you don't have any).
"Le forchette non sono le tue" = "the forks are not yours" (but surely you have or you have had some forks)


Why is "le tue" correct instead of just "Le forchette sono tue"?


This is a good question since Duo translated "The pink pants are not mine" as "I pantaloni rosa non sono miei" - WITHOUT the article. I don't see the difference between the two examples.


i believe that if the sentance is negative you di not need an article


What is the difference between tue and tua?????


Tue is female plural and tua is female singular.


Could it also be 'Le forchette sono le vostre', or am I missing something once again??



  • Le forchette sono le tue = The forks are yours (single person)
  • Le forchette sono le vostre = The forks are yours (a group)


Is sono the correct verb form here . Since it refers to the implied subject tu should it not be sei or am I missing something.


Sono is the right verb. 'Tu' is not the subject, 'tue' is the possesive pronoun; the forks are the subject. In the English sentence you say 'the forks are yours' not because it's 'you are' but because forks are plural. Similarily, you could say 'the forks are mine' , not 'the forks am mine'


Why is this not "Le forchette sei le tue"?


Because le forchette means 3rd person plural and "sei" is for 2nd person singular. Not "loro sei" but "tu sei". It's "loro sono".


why "tue" and not correct "tuo"?


Pronouns (like tue/tuo), adjectives (like nero) and determiners (like le) must agree on gender and number with the noun. Forchette is feminine and plural (of forchetta). A masculine example is coltello (plural coltelli):

  • (tuo coltello) Il coltello è il tuo = (your knife) The knife is yours
  • (tuoi coltelli) I coltelli sono i tuoi = (your knives) The knives are yours
  • (tua forchetta) La forchetta è la tua = (your fork) The fork is yours
  • (tue forchette) Le forchette sono le tue = (your forks) The forks are yours


So "tue" is plural?

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