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"Ring henne! Annars gör jag det."

Translation:Call her! Otherwise I will do it.

January 5, 2015



"Otherwise I will do it!" Why is it not göra if it's in future tense?


göra is not the future tense, it's the infinitive.
gör is the present. In Swedish, we often use the present tense to mean future. We could have said …annars kommer jag att göra det, but … annars gör jag det is more natural. You just have to guess from context if a Swedish verb in the present tense refers to the present or the future. Here it's pretty clear that we're talking about future, so the English translation uses will.


The present works in English, too, actually: "Otherwise I'm doing it [myself]!"


That's also an accepted answer.


How often do you use the present to mean the future tense in daily conversation - is it something we should bear in mind. Also, how do you know when to use the present instead?


Yes, it's really very common, it happens all the time. There needs to be something else in the sentence or close context that makes it clear that we're talking about future, otherwise we'll use the future tense instead.


is it incorrect to say "Ring henne! Annars jag gör det." ?


I think you have to follow the V2 sentence structure here. So the verb comes second place in the sentence. But someone correct me if I'm wrong!


i think you are correct as i saw here also https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8970470 , thanks for the answer


why does "Ring her! Else I do it" not work?


"Else I do it" isn't really a standard way of phrasing it.


what about "otherwise, i'm going to"? (i'm not a native english speaker)


Yes, that works. (I am a native English speaker.)


I feel like in conversation I would panic and use "Annars ska jag",, how bad does that sound to a native?


You'd be understood but it would sound off.


"Call her! Otherwise I will do that." wasn't accepted. I believe "det" can be used interchangeably for "it" and "that"?


"Det" can be translated to "it" or "that," but "it" and "that" are not interchangeable in English.

It has to be "it" in this sentence in English, because "it" refers to the task of calling her. "Call her! Otherwise I will do that" indicates that the thing you will do is something else, not calling her.


That sounds less natural, but I guess it's acceptable. Just "Otherwise, I will" is the best.


Could annars also mean "Or else"?


What's wrong with "call her! Otherwise i will do so"?


It's not that direct a translation, but I think it's reasonable to accept it anyway. I'll add it.


Wouldn't it be better to say: "Otherwise, I will!" instead of using the unnecessary two words "do it"?


Yes, that's much more idiomatic. This translation is in place only because the default is picked automatically for the reverse translation option, and we want to make that a bit easier on learners.

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