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I just want to say that you guys rock.

Thank you for making an awesome product and supporting it so well. I have been thoroughly enjoying learning French with my girlfriend using your app.

The couple of times that I have noticed bugs in the app, I have come to the discussion forum and found that you are already on top of it and will be patching it shortly. The one time I contacted you with a question you were very quick to respond and clear it up for me. You show an impressive amount of responsiveness to your community, and are making a great product. Keep up the awesome work!

July 24, 2013



Duo's community is also amazing. Thank you everyone for being such nice and helpful persons.


I'm in sixth grade and I've been looking for a free site in which I could learn German through. It was comprehend-able, and went at a pace that I could follow! I plan on learning Potugese after this course.


I actually used the mobile app today for the first time since I was stuck waiting somewhere and I almost prefer it to the computer. I sometimes get translations to English wrong on the computer by making a typo, but on the phone you got auto correct which helps you. And when translating from English the auto correct is disabled, plus you have the easy way of placing the accents! Brilliant!


You can't view discussions or report errors in the mobile apps though, which is a bit off-putting, but I hope Duo team will rectify this some day! :)


To add another point on accents if you just press and hold on a specific letter such as 'e' on a Mac you will get a popup (screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/1p1g1S272M34) that gives you options for the accents such as é, ë and the like. Check it out.


We love Duo's community! Nous aimons la communauté Duo!


Agreed! I'm learning Italian for a trip next year and finding it so much fun and so readily available that I am making progress much faster than I expected.


I am new to the site but already liking it a lot!


I love this site! I started using the app on my phone and now I'm hooked. :)


Thanks for starting this discussion, guys! The Duolingo developers need to know just how much they are loved! Thank you!!!


This system is amazing. That is all.


Was searching for some site like this.. ! Excellent content and nicely arranged flow.. Thanks a ton for your guys.


This is a great product, extremely useful, intuitive and fun! I have enjoyed learning new languages and look forward to learning others.


It is amazing, quite hard to begin with but its great


It's amazing!I love Duolingo!


Honestly, for me, this is the best new use for the internet I've come across in years. Right up there with youtube for me! Incredible, guys. Thank you.


It truly is amazing! I have yet to find a site that is better than Duolingo. The Duolingo Team is amazing, responsive, and informative. The community is also wonderful and helpful! I recommend it to everyone who is interested in language learning.

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