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Points for having an answer accepted

It would be really great to get points for pointing out an alternate correct translation or an error in an exercise. I've had over a dozen of of my suggestions accepted at this point, and it would be nice to get credit for being right, even if it's post facto. Because it was frustrating to have them rejected in the first place...

July 24, 2013



I think I didn't explain myself clearly. When I do an exercise, and I think it should accept my answer, I use the "Problem" button. Usually, a couple of days later, I get a note from duolingua staff that says that now my translation will be accepted. I doubt they'd do that if it was wrong. And it won't help people get points if they say wrong translations will be accepted. So what's the problem? I'm contributing to the knowledge base, and I think I should get points for it, especially since I was pretty much robbed of the points when the exercise said I was wrong... and I wasn't!


That's at least how I interpreted your initial post. I do the same thing, and I agree that it's irritating when correct answers aren't registered. The problem I talk about is that people might report answers hoping to gain extra points.

Another thing to consider (both for and against your suggestion) is that it only would amount to one or a few points per approved translation. But maybe a similar function could be developed.


Well maybe you can do that idea but why bother? You'll only earn about max. 10 pts. If I were you I would do that just for free to help the other users. Maybe Duolingo should accept other correct answers though...


That really is a good idea. But so many people are putting incorrect translations and in the end people will get points for incorrect translations. Maybe I'm thinking that if Duolingo puts the suggested translations down after you answer the question maybe the other users can vote which translations they think are best...


I, too, fear it would lead to a huge amount of incorrect translations being posted. With good-will as the only incentive, people probably hold back when they're not completely sure.


Hi Ktal, i think your idea is good, i have entered some phrases too. But now that i am using my phone (app for android) i really can't find how to suggest the alternative phrases, i don't find the button to suggest a new right translation ... could you help me ? how can i post my question ? bye

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