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Sentences that do not make sense or interrupted sentences

I noticed that titles and captions of pictures from the original document are being inserted, along with the content of the paragraph, all in one sentence to translate, example: Environnement naturel Machu Picchu, ancienne cité inca (Pérou) Les Incas habitent dans de hautes montagnes. This sentence as is does not make sense and it is compelling translators to add punctation, like a period or comma before the capitalization. Or some others are trying to make sense through translating it as a whole. However, if you look at the original document you will find that, for instance in this example, "Environnement naturel" is the title of the paragraph and "Machu Picchu, ancienne cité inca (Pérou)" is the caption of the picture. What follows is the content of the paragraph and which makes perfect sense to translate. So, I would not recommend adding punctuation as this will show in the exported translation later on. Titles and captions do not require punctuation and if exporting translated documents is done automatically, then such punctuations will appear in the titles and captions.

November 6, 2012


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