"Eu escrevo a receita."

Translation:I write the recipe.

July 24, 2013

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Does anyone have a tip for not confusing 'a' with the english a? Whenever I see the letter a, my brain gets confused even though I know it's not meant to be an English a :/


when it shows up you think..."ahhhh!!! this is a tricky. it means um, uma"(wooowww i cant imagine how i could make it worse!!)... heheheh


Thanks for commenting :) you confused me even more, haha. But, then you made me think of a way to remember.. 'the' is the one letter word, and 'a' is the two or three letter word :D


but dont forget that "the" can be plural (os, as - two letter words) my comment was based on the "aaahhhhh" (interjection to remember a/an) hehe, but that didnt work out o.O


I know :) but, with the way my mind works, this will help me haha. Thank you though!


SamaraR, "um/uma" in Portuguese means literally "one". If you learned the numbers you probably already know this. And the English "a" means "one" as well: "I write a recipe" and "I write one recipe" is the same. So just remember if you can replace "a" for "one" in the phrase.


Is it just me who struggles to hear the 'a' in this sentence? Do you just skip over the sound when speaking...how will you know whether it's 'a' or 'uma' ?


or should I say.. obrigada!


Yeah... that's better :)


Curious- does the 'r' in Portuguese really, REALLY turn into an 'h' - as in this case, 'hesate-uh'? Or is the computer speaking voice unable to iterate a rolled, or uvular 'r'?


Why does the speaker say "Teu" instead of "Eu"

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