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  5. "The man and the boy."

"The man and the boy."

Translation:An fear agus an buachaill.

January 6, 2015



I always forget how to spell boy


I make up rhymes for myself to remember, for example for 'dÊarthhair' i would do 'dearth-hair, theres a fatha in there'.


always forgetting boy


I am just learning Irish Gaelic and i'm using 2 programs. Although this goes quicker than my other program but I would like thorough explainations


What other program do you use? I'm quite good at picking up a lot of grammar info just from these examples, but I'd love a lot of clear explanations


There is a website written in German called Gramadach na Gaeilge that has good explanations of most of the everyday grammar that you will encounter. There is an English language translation of that German website available here.


hm, thank you, that's interesting! Might as well revisit my German and maybe finally stop being afraid of reading in German :D


I thought that you had to add the "h" when there was an "an" in front of it, like "An fhear agus an bhuachaill". Am I completely wrong, or is there something I'm misunderstanding? In fact, is there a place that explains that 'h' in greater detail?


Feminine nouns are lenited after the singular definite article an. fear and buachaill aren't feminine nouns, so they aren't lenited after an.

This is explained in the Tips & Notes for the Lenition skill, which you haven't reached yet.


Thanks! It's good to know that I'll get a deep explanation going forward.

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