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"The sandwich"


January 6, 2015



Can anybody explain the difference in pronouncing ö and å?


Å resembles the vowel sound in 'wall'. As for ö, start with the vowel sound in 'fur', then purse your lips slightly. When you do that, you should be able to feel the place of pronunciation moving into the front part of your mouth. That is where the Swedish ö is pronounced.


I thought it was Smörgassen (excuse my atrocious spelling)


What are the dots above the å called. Are they called umlauts like "ä,ë,ï,ö,ü"


It is an a with a ring. In Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish (as well as many other languages), å is considered a completely separate letter, as well as ä and ö.


how can I write the letter A with a small ball on it?


If you're using Windows, here are the shortcuts for the Swedish letters that we don't have on a "QWERTY" keyboard.

Hold down alt and enter the numbers while you're holding down the alt key.

å = (alt +) 0229

Å = (alt +) 0197

ö = (alt +) 148

Ö - (alt +) 153

ä = (alt +) 132

Ä = (alt +) 142


Write this in Swedish The sandwich

I wrote smörgåsarn and it told me I used wrong word, it should have been "mackan" but on other occasions its not mackan, any explanation?


Smörgåsarn is wrong in Swedish; "the sandwich" is smörgåsen; smörgåsarna (not *smörgåsarn) would be "the sandwiches".

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