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The swedish time lesson

I am writing this post as I see that I have to fill up the strength bars on it So far every lesson but the time lesson has been very enjoyable.

I hope it can be improved as it is quite a lengthy, tedious lesson and is required to be finished fully so you can move on.

Now I do know that the goal of it is to memmorise the names of the months and seasons but still most of the sentences are just naming a few months in a row (january, february and march) over and over again.

The suggestion I have are making more sentences that use the things learned in previous lessons (like a good example that actually is already there: the winter is the white season). Also splitting it up a bit while still being close in the general lesson plan like introducing a short lesson on seasons first that has lets say Time 1 (3 sub-lessons), then a row or two later Time 2 (5 sub-lessons) dealing with the months. Some parts from Time 1 could be practised in Time 2 using sentences like "march, april and may are spring months"

So in short please split it up a bit and bring in a bit of variety so that this lesson can be just as good as the others. :)

January 6, 2015



I'm working on the Time lesson right now too.

I agree that it might be more useful broken up. However, the Spanish tree has some lengthy ones like that too, especially with the abstract objects. I'm not quite sure of the logic there, but they do get used. Might as well just add it to your vocab list and chug right along--maybe we'll be getting a lot of time-related sentences in the next few units. At least you have Time and Family concurrently.


Well actually the words from family tend to be used more, but I have just now gone and checked time again and there are a few words (mainly from part 1 and 7) from it also being used but none of the "offending" ones that is the names for the days and months that take up a lot of the time lesson.

At least up to adverbs 1 where I am now

Edit: just started adverbs 1 part 4 and a month was mentioned :D

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