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  5. "Tá áthas orm."

" áthas orm."

Translation:I am happy.

January 6, 2015



Would this literally mean "Happiness is on me?" or why is "orm" used?


it is the literal translation but it means i am happy


It does mean that but it makes more sense to say I am happt


This sentence surprised me, because my Irish teacher had told us that the "tá... [noun] orm/ort/etc." construction was generally used for negative things like sadness, hunger, & so on. Was he oversimplifying for a bunch of American beginners, or is "áthas" an exception for some reason?


You make me happy?


cuireann tú athas orm ( or possibly' an t-athas' ?)


I've only thought about this in school and I was wondering would "Táim áthas" work or is "Tá ... orm" used for feelings?


Tá ar is used for feelings. Táim áthas wouldn't work (but tá mé sásta would)


"I am delighted" is given as incorrect. Why?


Several dictionaries show this to be a correct way to read this, so it just hasn't crossed the mind of the Duo team, no worries. (The focloir gaeilge part of teanglann did not consider "áthas" to be "delighted".)



It's many decades since I was in school but I also answered 'I am delighted' and consider that correct.


As a native speaker of German and Swedish, I tested out on these languages, and my replies were far from perfect, even though Duolingo correctly assessed me at 100% proficiency in the test phase for both.

All alternative translations are manually entered, meaning that probably all correct alternatives will never be included. Also right now there appears to be an immense backlog of unmanaged feedback reports, so updates will only come slowly.

The only consequence for an "unfair" error indication would be two more questions to answer, i.e. more training. There should be no harm in that?

So the best we can do is to accept that nobody is perfect and smile :)


Why it is not Tá mé or Táim?


Because áthas is the grammatical subject of the sentence.


Tá áthas orm litaraly translates to happiness is on me. And I should know because I have lived in Ireland my whole life.

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