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  5. How do I skip forward more?


How do I skip forward more?


I have taken two of those skip forward tests and am now being forced to manually do the rest. The idea of going one by one through each of these learning blocks is a bit daunting especially when it's just verifying stuff I already know. Anyone know any ways around this?

May 5, 2012



Sorry for the typos


if you wanna skip a whole bunch of numbers there's a a part that you can unlock. just do the test and from there it probably unlocks all the things you already know?


I think maybe it's just that DuoLingo isn't for advanced learners. Looking at the lessons the bottom of the list is "Verbs : Conditional Perfect". Sample words being habriamos, habrias, habrian etc etc Does anyone know if there's anything beyond this?


You can test out of each modul - at the top right of the page. Or you can click on the keylock looking thing and test out of a group of modules.

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