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"Hij is precies zo snel als het paard."

Translation:He is just as fast as the horse.

January 6, 2015



Hij is precies zo snel als het paard.... Hmmmm sounds a little odd to me.

Native Dutch would say 'hij is net zo snel als het paard' or 'even snel als het paard'.

Using 'precies' is like saying the guy is E-X-A-C-T-L-Y as fast as the horse, which would be a strange thing to say.


One indeed imagines a draw in a race, looking at this sentence.


If he is riding the horse, then they are exactly the same speed...


I put equally, which would mean the same as 'exactly'


:D u have the potential mate ;)


Agreed ... precies is not commonly used volgens mijn ouders


i hate "snel" because it sounds like snail and always makes me think slow instead of fast!!


'Precies' is not a good word in this sentence. It must be 'even' or 'net'. Sounds more natural.


Is there a difference between "even ... als" and "zo ... als"?


There is a slight difference in usage. In this context, 'even' (not unlike its English counterpart) implies a state of equality. When comparing two things this means something that is 'even ... als' is 'just as ... as'.

'Zo ... als' = 'as ... as'. But, if you make it 'net zo ... als' its meaning is roughly the same again as that of 'even ... als'.

  • Jij bent even groot als je vader = you are just a tall as your father
  • Jij bent zo groot als je vader = you are as tall as your father
  • Jij bent net zo groot als je vader = you are just as tall as your father

It's that simple. :-)


Why is it 'the horse' and not 'a horse'?.... It sounds utterly unnatural to me with 'the'. If it is 'the' then the sentence should continue; '...as fast as the horse I have seen last week.' Thoughts?... Thanks.


I see what point you're making. The fact they chose for 'the', I think, is because they meant to imply a scene of a direct speed comparison between a man and some horse he is racing or running along with.


Why "precies" here and not "net", as in "Hij is net zo snel als het paard" ?


I would like to know this too!

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