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"Hij is precies zo snel als het paard."

Translation:He is just as fast as the horse.

January 6, 2015


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Hij is precies zo snel als het paard.... Hmmmm sounds a little odd to me.

Native Dutch would say 'hij is net zo snel als het paard' or 'even snel als het paard'.

Using 'precies' is like saying the guy is E-X-A-C-T-L-Y as fast as the horse, which would be a strange thing to say.

January 6, 2015


One indeed imagines a draw in a race, looking at this sentence.

January 6, 2015


If he is riding the horse, then they are exactly the same speed...

July 16, 2015


I put equally, which would mean the same as 'exactly'

May 29, 2016


Agreed ... precies is not commonly used volgens mijn ouders

August 23, 2019


i hate "snel" because it sounds like snail and always makes me think slow instead of fast!!

May 31, 2016


Is there a difference between "even ... als" and "zo ... als"?

January 6, 2015


There is a slight difference in usage. In this context, 'even' (not unlike its English counterpart) implies a state of equality. When comparing two things this means something that is 'even ... als' is 'just as ... as'.

'Zo ... als' = 'as ... as'. But, if you make it 'net zo ... als' its meaning is roughly the same again as that of 'even ... als'.

  • Jij bent even groot als je vader = you are just a tall as your father
  • Jij bent zo groot als je vader = you are as tall as your father
  • Jij bent net zo groot als je vader = you are just as tall as your father

It's that simple. :-)

January 6, 2015


Why is it 'the horse' and not 'a horse'?.... It sounds utterly unnatural to me with 'the'. If it is 'the' then the sentence should continue; '...as fast as the horse I have seen last week.' Thoughts?... Thanks.

February 8, 2015


I see what point you're making. The fact they chose for 'the', I think, is because they meant to imply a scene of a direct speed comparison between a man and some horse he is racing or running along with.

February 10, 2015


'Precies' is not a good word in this sentence. It must be 'even' or 'net'. Sounds more natural.

July 4, 2019


Why "precies" here and not "net", as in "Hij is net zo snel als het paard" ?

February 16, 2019
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