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  5. "Il vestito è bello."

"Il vestito è bello."

Translation:The dress is pretty.

January 6, 2015



No, it is azzura-nero


Lol. No, è bianco e aureo! :D


Handsome doesn't work? :/


I suppose because "handsome" is normally used to describe men and masculine things... but dictionary.com disagrees: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/handsome?s=t


That is the widespread usage of the word, but it is not the English language that prohibits using it for non-man things. As you know English does not have grammatical gender for adjectives so "handsome" cannot be masculine, it is only a word carrying a meaning of some kind of beauty. And since most English speakers, for cultural reasons which I disagree with, usually do not describe a man with words of extreme beauty nor delicateness even if he is so qualified, they tend to use words showing moderate beauty like "handsome" and "good-looking" and they tend also to ignore the even more general word "beautiful" which can describe every single thing, you can say beautiful child, beautiful man, beautiful woman, beautiful car, beautiful sky, beautiful tree, beautiful animal, beautiful idea, beautiful voice, beautiful language, beautiful work, beautiful formula, ... So they have to exclude the man from all this because they feel the word is irrelevant when it comes to men.


Probably because beautiful to the American mind carries with it the idea of elegant -and most American men view elegance as a delicate and feminine quality. Right or wrong, most men don't want to be seen as elegant, delicate, or beautiful we typically wish to be viewed as rough, rugged, strong and durable able to protect and defend those who are beautiful, elegant, and delicate

For better or worse this has been changing in the past few decades, and yet most American men still feel uncomfortable being referred to as pretty or beautiful. (Including myself)


Well, vestito means also suit, so if you compliment a man on his suit, bello should be very near to the English handsome.


According to wordreference, «vestito» only means "dress:" http://www.wordreference.com/iten/vestito. There does exist the word «abito», which means "suit:" http://www.wordreference.com/iten/abito. I wish a native would give his/her input here....


Duolingo should still accept "The dress is beautiful"


the clothing is beautiful...is wrong?


"the clothing" = «l'abbigliamento», while «il vestito» = "the dress"


Grazie mille


Di niente! :D


When do you use bello verses bella.


"Bello" is masculine, where "bella" is feminine. You would use "bello" to describe a masculine word, such as "uovo". You would use "bella" to describe a feminine word, such as "tazza". You can tell whether a word is feminine or maculine based on if it uses "la" or "il". In this case, you would use "bello" because it says "il vestito", indicating that "vestito" is a maculine word.


Why not "the dress looks nice"?


Il vestito sembra bello. Different verb


Wouldn't that be "seems to be nice"?


Well, yes. That's what the word "looks" means in that sentence. It does not mean that the dress has eyes and is looking at something that's nice. The word "looks" has the sense of "seems" here. Therefore, both "The dress looks nice" and "The dress seems nice" would translate to «Il vestito è bello.» This is my constatation. I hope a native Italian and English speaker could verify. «It seems to be nice» I believe would «Sembra sia bello.»


The point being that the verb in the lesson is è (it is, not it seems)

There are usually many ways to say the same thing, but like in English, different ways can use different words, and translate differently


The dress is beautiful does not work.


It should... I would report it. :)


Why are there words missing from most of the sections? Why put the word there if it is not covered?


It says visito, not vestito. Please check.


Simply the dress is pretty


Could you say: The dress is beautiful?


Why doesn't beautiful work?


The audio is wrong


Why can't I translate it as "the suit is handsome"?

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