Streak return

Hi, I'd like to know if I could please have my streak back. I had 340 + days, and I was trying to make it to a year. I could not get any internet connection until past midnight, and by then I was sent back to day 1 :( I'm very committed and have started doing translation from Spanish and Italian. Thank you so much for considering this request; I would really lose motivation if I have to start all over due to a technical issue.

January 6, 2015


You can buy a streak freeze for just this sort of situation in future.

How does one buy a steak freeze is there is no internet access?

You buy a streak freeze now, and it just sits there, idle, until midnight on a day that you do not meet your goal. Then it magically vanishes and your streak magically stays intact.

The streak freeze only works once. If you fail to meet your goal 2 days in a row (without hopping on to buy another streak freeze on the 2nd day) then you'll lose your streak. It's a one time thing. But it will sit around and be available until you need it, and then it's automatically used. You don't have to do anything to invoke it.

Hello! Sorry! There is nothing that they can do, I've gotten that before.

I can't figure out where to type an answer to do the text translation. There are no boxes such as the one in which I typed this. Where do you type?

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