"En spindel dricker vatten."

Translation:A spider is drinking water.

January 6, 2015

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Does a spider really drink water?? Think about it.


They do! They have it in their boxes, I've seen.


Some also absorb it from the air. The ones my flatmate has do.


"In their boxes"?


For pet spiders, I'm guessing?


Spiders have boxes???


Cells cant live without water!so yes


Pretty much what every living organism is made out of!


Thank you I was tired when I was writhing that


From more generic to more concrete, a compartment (beehives' are hexagonal), an isolated group (typically clandestine political activists), a room for isolation (monks and convicts sleep in cells), a singular living micro-organism (typically conforming a bigger organism together - single-cell beings are usually referred to as 'organisms' or by their type, rather rather than 'cells'). Basically cell is usually an isolated compartnent that's part of an interconnected shared whole.


then what should i say for "spider man"?


What's batman then?


He's Batman in Swedish too, but he used to be called Läderlappen, which is a cool word. Literally it means 'a little piece of leather' but it's the name of a kind of bat, it seems to be called Vesper bat in English.


This is where the important questions are asked :'D


Why "mannen" instead of "man"?


Because it's THE Spiderman


Because it is a known man, not just any man.


Hahaha I love this comments! A regular guy like me open this app trying to learn a little of swedish and also learns about spiderman and batman, and other animals. Even about spider's mouth and environment! Tack så mycket!


Yep its cool not just learning swedish but learning about spiderman and batman


How do I know if the spider "is drinking" or "drinks" water? What is the difference?


Swedish doesn't make a difference between them, so either works. :)


Welp, I was just marked wrong for using drinks instead of is drinking. I reported it because they should accpet either.


Hur spindel kan dricka vatten? How spider can drink water?


Spindel was very easy for me because of "imse vimse spindel "


what all does "en" entail? one, the? something else to? in English we have a separate word for everything. German and Swedish shorten things up a bit to give one word two or three different uses? am I wrong and confused?


If you stick with the course, you'll soon start finding cases where English has just one word for different things that have separate words in Swedish :)


I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but en is the word fro "one", or "a/an". We use it both for counting and as an indefinite article. There is also ett, and which one you use depends on the gender of the noun.


So: En spindel dricker vatten = The spider drinks water. En spindel är dricker vatten = The spider is drinking water?


No, Swedish doesn't have a continuous tense so är dricker doesn't work. Instead, we use just dricker for both "drinks" and "is drinking".


"Ett" means "an" as in an apple or ett apple, right? And en mean "a" as in a spider or en spindel?


No, not really. In English, a and an are versions of the same word, and the right choice depends on whether it's succeeded by a vowel sound. In Swedish, en or ett depends on the gender of the word.


I never really understood the rule for ett and en either... I researched it and I didn't find anything so I guess you just really have to pay attention to the lessons when they include ett and en


Why is my answer wrong? ( the spider drinks water)


You wrote "the" instead of "a" or "one"


A lot of the time you have to put "the spider is drinking water" it usually counts it wrong when I put drinks so I usually just put is drinking... It is always marked right.


"A spider drinking water" is wrong. How would you change this sentence to specify there isn't an "is"?


Swedish doesn't have the -ing forms of English, so we'd rephrase it. For instance: en spindel som dricker vatten.


Eller ”en spindel håller på att dricka vatten”.


No, that's for "a spider is drinking water", but the question was about "a spider drinking water" as opposed to that.

Edit: Or so I think. The question's a little unclear. :)


can someome please explain when to use en and ett?? I'm so confused


You just need to remember it. All Swedish words are either common (en) or neuter (ett) gender. There are some tips that you can use, but generally you will have to remember it. Fpr example: Most living objects (animals, people) are of common gender with some exceptions such as: ett barn, ett bi... Same goes for different professions. Suffix can also help to determine if some nouns are of common gender. Such as - dom, -ing, -het, -ion, -(n)ad, -ism. Most of the word in Swdish are of common gender. Some suffix to help you see the ett-word if you haven't learned it before: -um, -ek, -iv.

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