"We fill the room with chairs."

Translation:Vi fylder værelset med stole.

January 6, 2015

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"Vi fylder rummet med stole", rejected. Is this because "rummet" refers to an area instead of a chamber?


Your sentence is fine, but "rummet" also means "space" (as in "outer space", as you probably knew), so your sentence might also mean "we fill space with chairs", but that would be weird. You could also use "kammeret", but "værelset" is still the best word for "the room" in my opinion.


Yes, I think you are right. Thanks for replying.


I am actually having second thoughts about "værelset" being the better word. I might actually prefer "rummet". "rum" and "room" are probably cognates, and both are general terms for "four walls, a floor, and a ceiling". "værelse", "stue", "kammer" or "sal" are more limited terms than "rum"/"room" I would say.

In either case I think DL is wrong in rejecting your sentence.


Sometimes there's a "hair's breadth" of difference between words. Is this typical for Danish, or is it a Duo thing? I'll try reporting it the next time I meet this question.


If it's anything like the Dutch, this sounds like a birthday party.

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