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Does anybody else have this problem with Duolingo?

Since a couple of days I'm unable to do the write what you hear exercises because the sound file just won't play. Does anyobody else have this problem? The only recent changes to my system I can think of is installing a Sygate Firewall and uprading to the most recent version of Firefox.

May 5, 2012



I have the same on Opera Next on Debian


Happens every once in a while here as well. Using Safari on OS X


If it happens to me with Opera on Ubuntu, a reload of the page usually resolves the issue.


It happens to me every once in a while too. I'm using Safari on a Mac.


And me. Firefox in Windows. So looks like it's just a bug.


I haven't been able to practice in several days due to the same issue. Up until now, I've used Mozilla on a Mac with no issues...

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