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"Drengen spiser ligesom en bjørn."

Translation:The boy eats like a bear.

January 6, 2015



Is there a difference with "Drengen spiser som en bjørn" ? Or maybe this one is wrong ?


I don't think there should be. "som" in this case would be more frequent than "ligesom" i also believe.


Can this also be "The boy eats just like a bear?"


That's what I put, and it seems like it would be a literal translation, as opposed to "som en bjørn."


I find this sentence a bit odd.

There is an idiomatic expression "at spise som en fugl"/"to eat like a bird" which surprisingly means that you eat a lot, but it originates from the fact that a bird can eat its own body weight in food each day.

Unfortunately many people don't know the original meaning of the expression, they now use it to mean that someone eats almost nothing at all.

But i have never heard the expression to eat like a bear before. Maybe someone mixed it up with bjørnetjeneste


As a joke in childhood we'd say I eat like a bird...a peck at a time.. You need to know that a peck sack was about half the size of a standard brown paper grocery bag..lol


IMHO 'like' and 'just like' are both acceptable in this instance although I opted for the latter and was deemed to be incprrect.


Oops. I understood, drengen spiser en langsom bjørn.


I'm still laughing at that understandable, funny mistake.


'Ligesom' = like some?


Like or similar to.. or maybe "like the"


Because the verb "eats" is compared to an animale we would if to be too correct say "æder" (som en bjørn/like er bear)


"just like" should also be accepted. Duolingo please pay someone to clean this course up.

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