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"We have been playing every weekend."

Translation:Nós temos jogado todo final de semana.

July 24, 2013



Duo has me confused. Before they marked me wrong for using "todo o final de semana" for "every weekend" telling me it should be "todo final de semana". When I went to a previous discussion I remember reading the "the whole weekend" would be "todo o final de semana" and "every weekend" would be "todo final de semana". Would someone clarify this for me? Obrigado.


this sentence is wrong!! every weekend = todo fim/final de semana. what you've read is right ;)


Obrigado de novo, Paulenrique!


Two years later it is still pending of correction. I am reporting it.


Alternatively, you could say "todos os fins de semana", which is the European variant.


Wrote that, but got marked wrong.


i used "nós temos jogado cada fim de semana". Why is the definite article needed here? It adds nothing to the sentence, nor does it take anything away from it by not using it.


Yes, it is more common to omit the article indeed. On the other hand, it is not so common to use "cada" here, it would have the same sense as "each" in English, which is a bit different to "every".


"jogado"is to play in a game, right? And "tocado"is to play an instrument? So both "Nos temos jogado todo final de semana" as well as "Nos temos tocado todo final de semana" should be accepted. Why only "jogado" and not "tocado"?

[deactivated user]

    Right! If you're a musician , busy playing music every weekend, "tocar" is the correct verb. Thanks, oupajohn!


    Is "Nós estivemos jogando todo fim de semana" correct? Estive tense is used under as a hint


    Todo fim de semana is now accepted (April 2019)

    [deactivated user]

      So basically, all the following options are correct?

      • Temos jogado todo final de semana.
      • Temos jogado todos os finais de semana.
      • Temos jogado todo fim de semana.
      • Temos jogado todos os fins de semana.
      • Temos jogado a cada fim de semana.


      Yes, they are all correct.


      Jogamos todo fim de semana?

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