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How to decline a potato!

You could just say, "No, thanks!" HaHaHa!

But if you want the real story check out the Wiktionary:


Scoot past Faroese to Irish. See the heading "Declension". Click on "Show" and VOILA! The mysteries of "práta" stand revealed. A table showing the full declension!

And it's not just about potatoes. Many of the Irish nouns included in the Wiktionary have a full declension table. Those that don't usually give you a hint or two to get started with.

Do you know of other great resources?

January 6, 2015



Bheadh na fataí nite, bruite, agus ite ag an gConnachtach sula mbeidís ráite ag an Muimhneach.


Tá an ceart agat a ghalaxyrocker, rudaí deacra 'sea iad na prataí i gCúige Mumhan, is minic a bhím ag déanamh machnaimh ar cheist an phrata agus a dhíochlaonadh. Go raibh saol fada gan chruatan an ghinidigh ar na Connachtaibh agus ar a sliocht.


Oh what fun! "The Connachtman would have the potatoes (fataí) washed (nite), cooked (bruite) and eaten (ite) before the Munsterman would be finished saying the word". Just found it explained on a blog. Thanks so much.

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Fantastic English-Irish and Gaeilge-Béarla dictionary with grammar on each word and pronunciation in all three dialects for many (most I've come across so far) words.


I took a look and found my friend "Potato" joined by brioscáin phrátaí /potato crisps -- práta Spáinneach / spanish (sweet) potatoes -- arán prátaí/ potato patties and about 20 other possibilities. A wonderful resource; you could get lost in it for hours. Thanks.


Yes, Rewjeo is right about the dictionary! I use it all the time. Then, when I come across a word that it does not have the pronunciation for, I check http://www.forvo.com/ . Just set it to search in Irish(ga), and you are good to go!


Forvo, that's a great help with pronunciation. GRMMA! I started looking for a really long word to try to stump Forvo and came across this funny word building tree (and I would say they must all be "pending" in Forvo right now). :D

establishment -- bunaíocht

disestablishment -- díbhunaíocht

disestablishmentarian -- díbhunaíochtach

disestablishmentarianist -- díbhunaíochtachóir

disestablishmentariantstical -- díbhunaíochtachóireach

antidisestablishmentarianistical -- frithdíbhunaíochtachóireach


I'd sooner just peel one.


Ah! Then, according to http://breis.focloir.ie/en/ you'd end up with Craicne prátaí / potato peelings and bia an phráta / potato except peel. Wishing you airí prátaí/ plenty of potatoes. Bon Appétit!

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