"O sofá em minha casa é branco."

Translation:The sofa in my house is white.

July 24, 2013



Why not "My sofa at home is white" ?

December 2, 2018


O sofA / A telivisaO....what's going on in these crazy Brazilian houses???

January 22, 2014


Someone voted you down probably didn't get what you were getting at. But not sure the accents played a key role or not that you neglected. I saw all that ended in"-ção" being Fem so far... okay I haven't see that much. would be great to know this is always true, and if those ending in "são" are all Fem also. Thanks..

March 2, 2014


Em casa = at home, então 'em minha casa' = 'at my home'. Neh?

December 29, 2014


''The sofa at my house'' was corrected to ''in my house''. Isn't it the same?

July 22, 2015


We would say "in my house" because the sofa is inside a three-dimensional structure.

December 12, 2015
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