"Kvinnan dricker inte vinet."

Translation:The woman is not drinking the wine.

January 6, 2015

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This is a very awkward sentence in English.


Could you tell us why, or what could be done to improve it? Otherwise, I’m afraid there’s not much that can be done.


Normally, one would say "The woman does not drink wine.", unless within a very specific context. For example, in a theater play where the wine is poisoned and it is important to point out that the woman is not going to drink a specific wine, the direction might be "The woman does not drink THE wine." Difficult to practice direct translation effectively here, although I understand the exercise is to focus on the various grammar parts. Can you perhaps include the sentence without "the" as a correct alternative answer? Thank you for your attention.


We understand that, but in this chapter we are learning defenitives.


Thank you, everyone. I understand, so we can stop commenting now - on definitives.


It’s the same in Swedish, it refers to a specific wine and not wine generally. So your example with the theater would be one example where you could use this sentence in both languages. If you removed the the, then the meaning would be different and wouldn’t be a correct translation of the Swedish sentence anymore.


Hej, i want to learn swedish from home i need suggestions how i can approach?


I wrote"doesn't" and it counted it as wrong... :/


Why can't this be "the woman isn't drinking the wine?"


"The woman isn't drinking the wine" is accepted.~ July 6, 2020


"The woman is not drinking the wine," was not accepted. Can someone tell me why, please? 20210904


Jag tycker att det går bra om ni kan kolla på översättning mellan på svenska och engelska. Det är verkligen helt sjuk ibland. Ni har vissa meningar som man aldrig översätter på svenska sådär men den appen gör man att översätta sådär. Ni lär fel


Why " the woman is not drinking the wine is incorrect?


Kvinnan isn't good to hear. I just hear 'nan'..

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