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Creating a group of beginners to follow each other

Creating a group of beginners to follow each other

November 7, 2012



Yep, deffo good idea! I joined ages ago but didnt go on for a long time, but now have an interest again :)


I am so in! I need people to practice with. :D


Anyone? :) I think it would be good for motivation and the social aspect of it.


I'm in. I still think of myself as a beginner here, even though I'm on level 12.


How can you create a group on Duolingo? Do you mean you'll all just follow one another or am I missing some kind of fun option..? Creating groups sounds like a really fun idea. :D I think this should be a real option, if it isn't yet.


Hi Suzy! Yes, since Duolingo does not support group features I thought the best thing would be to follow each other. Then we could all see the accomplishments of every one and we could comment, encourage and congratulate each other as we all learn and master new skills. :)


yes that is a great idea :D !!!


Ahh, I see.. Well, I'm in, then. :D


Any beginners learning German who want to track our progress together? I just finished the first lesson.

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