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  5. "Wij zijn geen stichting."

"Wij zijn geen stichting."

Translation:We are not a foundation.

January 6, 2015



Is stichting only used in the sense of a type of organization? Is it also used as say, the foundation of a building?


foundation of a building is een fundament


Of fundering ;)


I keep coming across or hearing the translation "foundation" - that may be the technical translation, but don't we tend to use the word "a charity" for any non-profit organisation?


I'm not too sure what the difference between charity and foundation is, but in Dutch een goed doel (lit. a good cause) is a charity, een stichting is a certain organisation form, a legal term. Most goede doelen are a stichting. The organisation form stichting is treated in a certain way by regulation, taxes, supervision. Other organisation forms are b.v., n.v. (which are listed on a stock exchange) and v.o.f. in the Netherlands v.z.w. and b.v.b.a. in Belgium, inc. and ltd. in English speaking countries.


thanks, Susande. There is a technical difference (I had to look it up) in so far as a foundation allocates funds to other organisations, whereas a charity may spend the funds directly. But in everyday speech, I think you tend to hear 'charity' banded around.


FYI: it's "bandied around" rather than "banded around". Just thought you would want to know.


I do! Thanks so much - it's one of those things I say but have never read!!


In English we would call that a "charitable foundation".


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