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  5. "É um vinho excelente."

"É um vinho excelente."

Translation:It is an excellent wine.

July 24, 2013



I think "It is excellent wine" ought to be an excepted translation since the article is optional in English. However, DL marked that wrong. In this sentence, is the article also optional in BP?


it will depend on the context. but you'll probably see this sentence with the article more often...


I think the reason you got it wrong is because you didn't translate "um" in the sentence, specifics and all that. :/


In this context, it sounds like it is referring to a specific wine, so the article is needed.


We could say "That wine is an excellent wine." talking about a specific wine. Otherwise we could say "That wine is excellent."

When we say "It is excellent wine.", we are talking about an undetermined amount of wine perhaps speaking of a particular year of a particular wine, but not about a particular bottle. While "It is an excellent wine." is likely about one bottle of wine.


Why is it 1 why cant it be an


um = a, an, one
one = um, uma
a, an = um, uma
Portuguese here is different from English, since the Portuguese article 'um' also is the number 1. In English, 'a' and 'an' are articles that mean 'one', but the number 'one' is a different word, not the same word as the article.


"an" is accepted as correct.


They are the same but people only say " its an excellent wine" in james bond films. "It is excellent wine " is a more likely way of saying the same thing.

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