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Points from real world translation is not added to total

I just translated an entire document, and in the stream I see 70 skill points. But they are not added to my total (as I paid attention to what my total points were before I translated the document). Is this normal, is there a lag?

July 24, 2013



OK, they are added now, so apparently there is a lag of a couple of minutes (at least in my case). Keeping the thread if anyone else experiences something like this.


Just hit 'refresh' and you'll see them right away.


I always experience this. Anyways, I don't think there's problem with that. Is it really a big problem for you?


No it is not a problem at all.. As I mentioned above, I kept this thread (as opposed to deleting it) in case other people experience the same and think there is something wrong with the system

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