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Is Duolingo running slow for anyone else?

Duolingo is running very slow for me today. It takes about 10-20 seconds for it to grade each answer in a lesson. I thought it was just my connection but everything else runs fine and I checked and my connection speed is 57mbps down and around 6mbps up. So that's not it.


It's running a bit faster now, at around 5 seconds per "grading". Still pretty slow compared to usual though.

January 6, 2015



not sure whats going on the last few days. Duolingo loads fine but then at the end when points have to be awarded it just hangs, sometimes it hangs more than a minute before points are shown???? Anyone else having this issue ?? Seems to be getting slower over time. I'm using a desktop system


I keep getting locked out and taken back to the same lesson. Totally frustrating. My vocabulary has expanded with Duolingo and I love it but these delays drive me insane!!!!


Me too. It just takes twice if not three times as it would for me to basically finish each level and I don't have time for that. Duolingo being free is awesome, I know, but these last months learning a language from here feels more like a chore rather than something fun because of all these delays and back-and-forths. Plus, I don't know about other languages, but in french it's just taking forever until it properly (and by that I mean proper full conjugation) introduces all the verb tenses. :p


This is pure speculation, but for me the slowness of the site seems to correlate well with how many people are likely online in the US. I'd say it's reasonable to assume that this is just high load on the servers, which I'm sure Duolingo is aware of. Given the explosive growth in popularity of the site, I'm very impressed that they have kept their servers from melting completely. That said, there are annoying bugs that show up when things are slow (I often get sent back to the home page upon completing a lesson, for example).


Seems to be back to normal now. Weird


It's been happening a bit on and off for me lately, though more like a ~5 second delay (which, admittedly, still manages to feel like forever) and luckily never for long amounts of time.


yes, I had the same problem, but it stopped after a while


I am finding Duo running very slowly currently. The voices often don't come on and I answer without them. When the lesson is over the dots just keep running even when I wait up to five minutes. It keeps taking me back to the same lesson as it doesn't record that I finished it. Anyone else experiencing slow downs and no voices?


Yes, I have had the same problem for weeks now, especially at the end of a unit where it just seems to spin wheels. I tried submitting a troubleshooting question but only got back a request that I resubmit it with the attachment above their line, an impossibility. My husband is also having the same problem on a different computer. We use Firefox and he tried using a different browser but with no improvement. Very upsetting.


Yes Duolingo is very slow, it's impossible to use on my mobile phone and it's very slow on Firefox. I think the developers need to work on optimisation.


Yes: The site is running very slow today for me today particularly when I try to check the comments.


it is running very slowly for me too


For the moment it is performing really slow.


It's been very very bad lately for me, based in Germany. I'm seeing delays up to 20 secs, and average is 15 which is painful


Very slow. Would a coder be paranoid? Probably not?


On the web it is extremely slow, so lately I have used the app and that is much better regarding speed.


Well, again :x I'm waiting since a few minutes now but that's not that bad, just a bit frustrating.


It is incredibly slow.


Duolingo is very slow.


Beginning Friday, September 11, 2020 it has been running VERY slow. Molasses in January would look fast compared to how Duolingo has been running lately. It also stalls part way through an exercise or a story and you have to back out and start over again. Something is dreadfully wrong with Duolingo lately. Duolingo Headquarters, HELLO! ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION??!!??!!???


I've had the same problem for the past few days. Yesterday and today it has been almost unusable, often taking several minutes to load anything. Status updates are generally several minutes behind.

Much as I've been enjoying using Duolingo, I may have to give up on it and switch to something else. It's certainly not something I'd be confident to recommend at this time.


in the mobile app it runs a bit faster but when you are learning from chrome or edge etc. it takes like 3 to 4 minutes to load. i was using duolingo at chrome .i finished a lesson and then i waited for 3 minutes but it still did not come then suddenly the lesson i finished just vanished and i did not get a single experience! THEY SAY JUST TAKE 5 MINUTES TO COMPLETE A LESSON A DAY BUT IT TAKES THAT 5 MINUTES TO LOAD! PLEASE FIX THIS!


AND i forgot to mention that i checked the connection and it showed 6mbps then i typed WHY IS DUOLINGO SO SLOW? and it took about 3 seconds to show me the result

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