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"Svenska Akademien har arton ledamöter."

Translation:The Swedish Academy has eighteen members.

January 6, 2015



Normally, the word akademi has the definite form akademin, but since this is a very old organization, they've kept an older spelling of their name, so they still spell it akademien. Both answers are accepted though.


Here’s another example of the same phenomenon with the word koloni.


One more thing about this sentence while I'm at it. Normally when we have adjective + definite noun, like svenska and akademin here, we need an article before that. But in names (and similar), like here, we can sometimes skip the article.


Like "Gamla Stan"


what is the difference between ledamöter and medlem? Is the first more formal?


Yes. You can be ledamot of things like the parliament or a 'board' of some kind – here you can be either medlem or ledamot, where ledamot is more formal. (we normally use ledamot with the Swedish academy and any parliament, but for boards, both are used more interchangeably).

But for bands and informal groups, you can only be medlem, not ledamot.


Inte idag!


You'd really have to translate it "board member", not member...


A board member may be styrelsemedlem, medlem i styrelsen, or styrelseledamot. But in English, the normal way of speaking about the members of academies, such as the Swedish Academy or the French Academy, is to call them just member.

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