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  5. "How was your interview?"

"How was your interview?"

Translation:Hoe was uw interview?

January 6, 2015



Could you say "hoe ging je interview"?


Yeah, if it's for instance a TV interview. A job interview is a sollicitatie(-gesprek).


You sure can. Most Dutch speakers would prefer your expression.


Can you say "Hoe ging het met jouw interview?" I don't see a difference in English between "How was your interview," "How did your interview go," and "How did it go with your interview?" Can someone please clarify if there is a difference in Dutch, or is that just not something anyone would say?


Hi Erik, I see no difference in the two expressions. And there is even a third idiom, very in use: "Hoe verliep het interview?(hoe is het interview verlopen?)" All asking for how the interview went, no difference in meanings! Bye, Lu.


What's with all the heart emojis in this comment thread?


That's because it thinks that the person's swearing and puts hearts for each letter. For some reason Duolingo doesn't realize that that's a Dutch word.

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