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Most "strengthen your skill" are too repetitive

Hi, it has been my wish to learn Swedish for several years now and never got around to it. So first off all thanks for making it happen :D

I've got a question regarding the 'strengthen your skills' part of the course.

I think I've done about 10-15 of those right now and I've just advanced to the 2nd level of the Swedish course. However I'd like to learn more of the me, my, mine, his hers kinda words. But instead 9 out of 10 times I only get the simple words that's i've had 100 times already (and sometimes even the same sentence 4 times in a row).

Am I just having bad luck with the randomness of the strengthen your skill thing, or are they really meant to engrave the word flicka, anka and pojke into my head?

January 6, 2015



Oh yes, I know that. I constantly get to translate “a family” into “en familj”


I get "en familj" every time too! I reported it as an error (type "other", with a description of the problem). Maybe if a bunch of people do this it might get prioritised.


I noticed this as well and reported it. Definitely seems suspicious if so many people get it. Good to know it's not just me!


I've noticed the same thing, and I strengthen my skills individually. When I first do the skill, I get a variety of phrases, but it narrows to only a few when I strengthen that skill. Perhaps it's a programming thing?


I at times find this to be the case when I first go through the skills themselves. For example, I just typed Pojken äter apelsinen four times in a row, and I believe I had that same sentence at least twice more as I was going through the skill. Other words, like "ägget", showed up once and then I never saw them again.

I am seriously enjoying this course, though!


Yes, I encountered the same problem.


When I was strengthening multiple times a day, maybe 40-100 pts, I was getting pretty much only the first few skills in the tree. Now that I only do one or two strengthenings a day (keeping gold but barely), I get less exposure to the vocab and so my strengthening exercises are more varied. Yes, I'm further along the tree, but I started noticing this greater variation towards the end of the second checkpoint.

I know that the algorithm gives you units that you theoretically haven't seen in a while, and doesn't take into account that you're seeing flicka and pojke every day. I wonder whether a different strengthening routine would give a more varied word list.


This isn't anything new as I read elsewhere that the variety in the content of strengthening exercises increase once a course is out of the beta phase... but I too became a little disillusioned with the repetitive nature of the thing so I stopped doing it so much and it seems to have (somewhat) helped.

But you can also do what fireflyracer has suggested and do the exercises related to a particular skillset. Or you can just redo the lessons to prompt the even lesser known words to appear to practice with, though I do understand that it takes more time than we might have.

The overall issue I have with the repetitive nature of the strengthening excercises is that because I've typed a particular sentence so many times, my computer 'remembers' it. When I then begin to type something that starts off the same way (e.g. jag tycker om...) the computer will automatically try to pre-empt what I am trying to type, and insert the incorrect words. I have lost many a timed practice because of this little quirk! And switching off predictive text doesn't appear to help any.

Oh well, just got to keep practicing, and not be so quick with the enter button!


As for the repeated sentences, I'm pretty sure that is just because Swedish is still in beta. I have seen this as well, but it doesn't happen in the other two trees that I train with. I have been telling myself that the designers will amend it eventually.

Have you tried telling the moderators about it to see if they can fix it?


I am definitely having this problem. I've only just started, but I did one of the lessons for the first time (it was the one that introduces välkommen, a word I will never forget now) and I only got the same three words over and over again. There were a few other words introduced once, and I never saw them again. I thought maybe if I did the strengthen skills it would give me more variety, but it was just the same three sentences over and over and over again. I'm missing some important basic words because of this. I really hope it gets fixed, because to learn the other words (like snälla), I have to write them down on flash cards and practice the old-fashioned way. Kind of frustrating when I'm already spending so much time on here, but only learning a few words... : /


If you want to exercise a specific topic, you can always strengthen that skill individually


go on to that topic and there should be a "strengthen __" button to only help with that subject


Thanks I never noticed I could do this :)


I couldn't find it in either android app nor web. Edit: Sorry, I found it. Was looking for something that doesn't exist lol.

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