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  5. "Naar welke dans kijken wij?"

"Naar welke dans kijken wij?"

Translation:Which dance are we looking at?

January 6, 2015



And what about: "Which dance are we watching?" I would even consider this closer to the meaning of the Dutch phrase (I'm a native Dutch speaker).


I agree. When it is an ongoing event or action rather than a single image or sight, we use "watch," not "look at." Though I know it is a British phrase to say "Looking at television," which to my American ears always sounds like they are staring at a mechanical object and not paying any attention to the show it is playing.


I have never heard this alleged British phrase.


Agree with below; some of us occasional do not end with a preposition.


Ending a sentence with a preposition is fine, despite some historical grammarians' admonition to the contrary, and despite the propagation of that admonition.


Wrong verb phrase. Watching fits. Some people in some US dialects 'look at' television, so they might say this. But most speakers will not accept it as correct

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