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  5. "Naar welke dans kijken wij?"

"Naar welke dans kijken wij?"

Translation:Which dance are we looking at?

January 6, 2015



And what about: "Which dance are we watching?" I would even consider this closer to the meaning of the Dutch phrase (I'm a native Dutch speaker).


I agree. When it is an ongoing event or action rather than a single image or sight, we use "watch," not "look at." Though I know it is a British phrase to say "Looking at television," which to my American ears always sounds like they are staring at a mechanical object and not paying any attention to the show it is playing.


I have never heard this alleged British phrase.


Agree with below; some of us occasional do not end with a preposition.


Ending a sentence with a preposition is fine, despite some historical grammarians' admonition to the contrary, and despite the propagation of that admonition.

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