"It is the cook's knife."

Translation:Det är kockens kniv.

January 6, 2015

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It's best when they mix different variants of a same word rather than just put random words, it makes you think more when you need to differentiate kockarnas from kockens. I wish all exercices had this, we would learn so much more.


I have thought I understood the difference for a while but I have to admit that I don't understand the difference between 'kockarnas' and 'kockens.'


Kockarna = The cooks (two, or more cooks) Kocken = The cook (one single cook)

The 's' added to the words above mean that they (the cook, or the cooks) possess the object (in this example several knives):

Kockarnas knivar = The cooks' knives. (Here you talk about the knives that several cooks have, or share. In English indicated with the ' after the plural s.)

Kockens knivar = The cook's knives. (Here you talk about the knives that one cook has. This is indicated with a 's in English.)

I hope it helps you. :) If not, feel free to ask for clarification. :)


thanks that was very clear :)


You are welcome and thanks for the Lingot! :) I'm happy that it helped.


Can you also say "Den är kockens kniv" because "kniv" is an en-word?


You could if you’re pointing and say ”that one” - ”that’s the cook’s knife”. But in this sentence, the ”it” does not refer to the ”knife”. It’s just a formal pronoun because the sentence needs some sort of subject. It’s similar to English ”it is raining”. The ”it” does not really refer to anything in particular there either.


People like you are why I love this app/website. Gratitude, Lundgren8!


So the K in Kniv isn't silent, right? Or did the TTS get it wrong?


You are correct! You do pronounce the k.


What is the difference between det, den, and de?

  • den is for en-words in the singular
  • det is for ett-words in the singular
  • de is for plurals


I only forgot the s


That makes a pretty large difference, though.


Why is it cockens and cockarnas? I thought bevause it has 'the' and an 's' that it has arna on the end


Oh ok cockarna is several im good now

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