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Other DL Homeschoolers?

I'm just curious how many other homeschooling families are here on Duo?
I'm a HS mom studying Irish, and have both my boys (ages 5 and 11) learning Spanish here. Another homeschooled friend is learning Spanish here as well.

January 6, 2015



Well I'm not in school anymore, but I was homeschooled up until college!

How are your boys liking the Duolingo process?


My older boy is finding is a lot more effective, even in just the month we've been here, than his three years of rosetta stone. My younger boy has taken to Spanish like a champ, he's already at level 5.


Oh interesting. I barely even touched Rosetta Stone; my boyfriend did some of it, and he just joined Duolingo, so we'll see how they compare for him.

Nice for your younger boy! It's great that you are starting him so young. This seems like it would be a really kid-friendly learning method.


To be sure, they are both video game boys so the streaks and lingots are good enticements.


Yo tambien! Hago la escuela en la casa! Me too! I'm home schooled!


¿Qual es tu linga primera? (excusa mi Español, yo tengo solamente un poquito)


I'm a native English speaker.


I'm not homeschooled but I'm a senior in high school and I can say that's awesome that you've got your children learning on Duolingo compared to other things. Rosetta Stone did me no justice. The previous two years of school I took 2 Spanish classes and they helped me a lot but Duolingo is really what I've needed.


I am a homeschooling mother of seven - well, only two now that all the others are in college or have completed college. I just found Duo Lingo this year, and right now only I am using it. However, I think I'm going to have my younger two start it. They will be taking German (I think) and Spanish.


As you know, I'm a partial homeschooling mom. Oldest (8) attends public school (after being homeschooled for the past two years), and my middle child (5) is currently homeschooled. My oldest is learning Spanish, Swedish, and Irish on DL and we have incorporated that into our daily school-at-home supplement to public school (he just does one lesson a day). My middle child will be starting DL Irish in about 6 months. :-)


I'm a homeschool mom of a 14 yo. She's been sporadically studying languages. Started with German, because we had some German friends. Then Spanish because a few of her friends were studying and also using DL.

We have been with an Irish class for about 2 years now. The DL program is a nice review, and also a great way to get in some practice with our busy schedule.


I'm not a homeschooler, but I'm a student in an alternative school.

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