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Spanish from Spain or Latin America

Which one am I learning?


July 24, 2013



I wish people would worry less about this :/ I'm a native Spanish speaker and it doesn't really matter that much. It's like asking whether you're learning British English or American English -- slightly different, but 99% the same.


Latin America, but not Argentina. Pronunciation is kinda Mexican, most people think, and there is very little emphasis on vosotros and the related verb forms. European Spanish is spoken by perhaps 10% of the Spanish speakers on the planet, and Spain has 3-4 distinct dialects, so I think Duo went with 'majority rule." ;) It would be nice if Duolingo would be upfront and tell people about this, huh?


Quote "and there is very little emphasis on vosotros and the related verb forms"...so ustedes is used more frequently than vosotros ?


Yes. In Latin America we use "ustedes". In Spain they use "vosotros".


Nice question and nice answer as well. I haven't checked the spanish section (my mother language is spanish, my 2nd is english and im learning french) but is nice to know that is not the spanish from Spain.


"The majority Rule", Is that also the reason why we learn Brazilian Portuguese instead of European Portuguese?

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