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"Hvis jeg havde penge, ville jeg have haft en uddannelse."

Translation:If I had money, then I would have had an education.

January 6, 2015



Isn't there a "had" too short. Shouldn't this be the correct: "If I had had money then I would have had an education"


You are right, and the most correct thing to say in Danish would also have been "Hvis jeg havde haft penge", as it is not how much money I have now, but how much money I might have had at that time, that has decided where or not I got an education.


Yes, it must be "had had money" or "would have an education".


The English sentence has the wrong tenses - it should be "If I had had ...".

I've reported it.


This sentence makes no sense... Education is free in Denmark!

[deactivated user]

    It sure isn't here in the States of America.


    I think this was intended for American and other foreign Duolingo learners to know what to say if they visit Denmark and the Danes want to know why they are uneducated.


    As remarked on above, the English should be "if I had had".... seems a bit weird, but currently it is in present tense.


    As everyone else has noted: it needs to be "If I had had money..."

    Or possibly this could be set up as a mixed condition: "If I had had money thirty years ago, then I would have an education today!"


    This might be a stupid question, but what is the difference between "havde" and "haft"?


    Havde is past tense of har (to have).
    Haft is perfect tense of har (to have).
    In English we use the same word (had) for both of these things, but Danish uses two different words for them.
    In English you could say, "I had an apple." Jeg havde et æble.
    In English you could say "I have had an apple before." Jeg har haft et æble før.
    This is my understanding from reading the tips on Duolingo anyway. I didn't know any Danish before coming here, so I might be wrong, but this is how I see it.


    My question, too.


    I was about to fall into that, but luckily I got this in a "select the words in the right order"-style question, so when I was a "had" short, I re-read the Danish text to translate and saw the weird tense.

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