"Jag spelar innebandy på torsdagar."

Translation:I play floorball on Thursdays.

January 6, 2015

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What is "floorball"?


It’s a sport popular in Sweden and Finland. See further here. This is what it looks like.


I was going to say that it looks a bit like Lacrosse without horses. Then I search lacrosse and found out it doesn't involve any horses. Oh dear. I've definitely mentioned horses to people that play Lacrosse before. Turns out that's just Polo.


No wonder Swedes love it.


For reference when you do the Swedish Dutch course: The Dutch call (something like) it 'zaalhockey'.


Thanks, this helped me as a Dutchman.


At school, i knew this as unihockey. Basically we played it as 5-a-side indoor hockey with a plastic ball.


Unihockey is actually played three-a-side, but it does sound a lot like you played floorball. :)


I didn't realise there was an English word for innebandy! Is floorball really the correct translation for it?


Apparently it is. Or floor hockey. Sweden developed the sport in the '70s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floorball


Why isn't this popular in warm climates (like where I live) where hockey is either impossible or would be extremely expensive? I would bet if more people knew about it it might really take off! (And now off to share the video link of my FB page and pose this question to my other desert-dwelling friends). Thanks!


Do you have field hockey? I live in Australia and that is what we play.


I live in a pretty small town- I've never seen it played locally. Maybe in one of the bigger cities in my state (I'm in New Mexico). But it makes much more sense! Arizona has an actual hockey team (who play about as well as you'd expect coming from the desert), but for a poorer state (NM) this would work. Although given the pitiful conditions I've seen for some facilities- maybe not. I do know "street hockey" played with roller blades is popular is some cities (kids after school, playing in the streets). Again, I've never seen it here.


Isn't this just hockey? ......or is that just Bandy? I know Ice Hockey is Ishockey


It's neither ice hockey nor field hockey; there's no ice and no field (so it also isn't bandy). The players wear flat shoes, so it's not roller hockey. I think it's played in a smaller area and with fewer players than field hockey or bandy. It seems to me like ice hockey without ice.


"ice hockey without ice".... so just hockey then?! ;)


Players don't play with a puck though, but a ball. Not hockey really;)


In Slovakia we know it as "floorball" too.


Apparently, floorball is gaining popularity in the US. Who knew?

The only place I've ever seen it played is in Sweden and we just called it "bandy", not "innebandy" despite it always being indoors.

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