what would be an easy way to remember to use de, da, do, e.t.c in between words that i need to ? i dont fully know when they need to be used.

July 25, 2013


Just a word of advice, it might be better to post this question under the Portuguese section of the site :) Usually, what I do is relate "de" or its other forms (plus article a and o) "da" and "do" with the english word "of". To signify origin or what it is made out of. For example, "Bolo de chocolate", could be literally translated to "cake (made) of chocolate" Or someone could ask me where I'm from, and I would say: "Eu sou da Asia" With Asia having the article of "a" so de + a = da. I hope that answers your questions. (And I also hope I didn't make any mistakes in my explanation :P)

thank you so much that actually really helps me out alot, thatll be alot easier to remember !! Thanks again :)

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