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  5. "Ní mór dúinn imirt i ngrúpa."

" mór dúinn imirt i ngrúpa."

Translation:We have to play in a group.

January 7, 2015



I translated "Ní mór dúinn" as "We must". This was rejected.
Both Pota Focal and foclóir.ie support this translation so I have submitted a report.


Ditto. Irritating, isn't it?


How come there is Ní? How can we know it does not mean "we DON'T have to play? Is there an ecplanation somewhere?


It's because ní mór de is one of half a dozen ways to say "must" or "have to" in Irish. Some of them use , some of them use níl, some of them use the copula, some of them use another verb.

caithfimid imirt i ngrúpa
ní mór dúinn imirt i ngrúpa
is gá dúinn imirt i ngrúpa
tá orainn imirt i ngrúpa
ní foláir dúinn imirt i ngrúpa
tá againn le himirt i ngrúpa
is éigean dúinn imirt i ngrúpa


Thank you! You are always very helpful. The construction was not easy to understand as it popped up out of the blue.


What does "ní mór do" mean literally? (I keep forgetting this turn of phrase or using it incorrectly; sometimes knowing the literal meaning helps me remember)


The word has a number of meanings ("thing", "wash", "not"), but is probably meant as the negative form of the copula here. mór can mean "great" or "big" or "many", do is a preposition that generally means "to" or "for".

In other words, ní mór do doesn't have a "literal" meaning that is likely to help, unless "not big for" means something to you, and you're not happy with the literal meaning given in this exercise ("must").


Perhaps it might help you to think of it along the lines of "There aren't many options for us but"? It's nowhere along the lines of literal, and it throws in a lot of unstated stuff, but thinking about it that way helps me remember that it means must (making sure to remember that a lot of that stuff was not in there, of course).


I have a better way... "If its no big deal, cut the grass".

"No biggie to you cut the grass"


There’s 12 lingots, appreciate the help and going beyond to list all the different ways as well.


How would you put this in the negative? How would you say that we mustn't play in a group?


Ní mór dúinn gan imirt i ngrúpa.

Though it's also likely that you would use a completely different construction, depending on why exactly playing in a group is a problem.


If only you could have seen a few months into the future when you wrote this last year!!

Maybe C19 was specifically created to give you an example for not playing in a group!


Is there a verb in here?


If you count the copula as a verb, then yes.


Thanks to you both. Does 'ni mor liom', or 'I have to', basically mean 'it is not too much for me to', then? Or something like that?


I haven't seen "ní mór liom", but that's one way to think of "ní mór dom".


Sorry! I meant dom and not liom. And thanks!


This time I wrote "we must play" and it was rejected. I see that some have reported it three years ago but it has not changed.


"We must play in a group" ... ought this not be considered correct?

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