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"The man does not like groups."

Translation:Ní thaitníonn grúpaí leis an bhfear.

January 7, 2015



Ni maith leis an bhfear grupai?


I'd think that this would be an acceptable answer.... Is there any reason why it would not?? [I do see that Ní and grúpaí are lacking their accents, but Duolingo doesn't mark answers wrong for missing accents — at least not these days.]

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Still, I used Ní maith leis an bhfear grúpái and it was marked wrong.


Ní mhaith leis an bhfear grupaí?


That's what I put .... you lenite the "maith" after "ní," don't you?


No, you don't. If you are using the negative particle , it will lenite the verb that it applies to. But in Ní maith liom, isn't the negative particle, and maith isn't a verb. This is the negative form of the copula (the positive version of the sentence is is maith leis ...) and this doesn't lenite.


Ok, thanks. I could have sworn they lenited maith after ní in a different sentence in this unit-- I had made a note of it-- but I could just have been reading it wrong, or misremembering.


It is lenited in one exercise but the comments point out that it's a mistake, as do the comments for the English-Irish version of the same exercise


So 'ní mhaith liom a ghrúpa cairde' is a mistake ?


It's a mistake. The negative verbal particle lenites the verb that is being negated.

The in Ní maith liom é sin is not negating a verb, it is the negative form of the copula is, and it is not followed by a verb, and it does not lenite.


SatharnPHL you really know the ins and outs of Irish Grammar.Comhghairdeas!


if I'd remembered to eclipse 'fear', would 'ní maith leis an bhfear grúpaÍ' have been accepted??


Nope. It's correct, but not accepted still in May 2021.


Is freagra réasúnta é.

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