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"Moderation is an important virtue."

Translation:Matigheid is toch een belangrijke deugd.

January 7, 2015


[deactivated user]

    I do not see a translation provided anymore. "Toch" can be used as "still" in sentences such as "moderation is still an important virtue" (matigheid is toch een belangrijke deugd).


    It also translates as 'though', and that sense works here too.


    is it like doch in german?


    I would have translated this sentence as "Matigheid is een belangrijke deugd". The addition of "toch" to me then translates to "And yet, (or just "yet") moderation is an important virtue". If "toch" is acceptable as part of the translation for this sentence, why isn't "nogal"?


    Quick question: why is the sentence 'Matigheid is een grote deugd.' not correct?


    Because "great" (groot) and "important" (belangrijk) don't mean quite the same thing. Although your translation conveys a similar meaning, it's better to choose the exact word, if there is one. Here, there is an exact Dutch word for "important", so translating as if it said "big" or "great" loses some of the meaning.


    Yes that makes sense. Thanks!

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