Bonjour! I'm really enjoying this site so far. My only qualm is the practice lessons. I feel like the practice only runs through a lot of the same words or phrases and completely bypasses things I'm less familiar with. I also thought going back to lessons already learned would repeat the same things that were there before but it appears they bring up all words learned so far. Might there be a way to either be able to repeat the lessons with the specific words in them or some way to select less used words in a practice lesson so I may learn them better? <3 Merci beaucoup!

July 25, 2013


I agree. I'm also studying French, and on the practice function it often seems to be 'je mange' something and variations of that. If you know what areas you are weakest in you can go on the specific section and click the practice button there, But i too feel like they show the same things a lot.

i have gone through my spanish too fast and need to select different areas to relarn these subjects. is that possible??

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