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Bands or songs in Swedish

I would like to listen to some music in Swedish. Any recommendation? I want to improve my listening skills

January 7, 2015



I'd recommend Kent. They've been around ages and have loads of albums under the belt. One of their recent albums, "Jag är inte rädd för mörkret" (I am not afraid of the dark) has some belters on, and they sing at a decent pace where you can pick up words and sounds. 999, Jag Ser Dig and Färger På Natten have really helped me.

And they've even got a song about how great Sweden is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmsW6oYT6AA


My heavens, how did I not know about this band! Some great songs here. I've listened to "Jag ser dig" once and it's now firmly stuck in my head. "Jag ser dig, jag kan se dig" - nice pronunciation lessons too. I think I'm going to be listening to these guys a LOT.


As a native Swede and Kent-lover, I couldn't agree more.

Kent is as a band really, really good - and for the purpose of learning Swedish, probably one of the better choices, since the lyrics are so good that you actually WANT to translate them. The singer sings very clearly also, and with something close to the accent "Rikssvenska" (Swedish spoke in Stockholm which is sort of the norm for how Swedish sounds), which even though it is definitely not the only kind of Swedish, it's a very good accent to start getting familiar with.


8-tracks is a good place to start. Adding "svenska" to your tags can help narrow down the playlists to ones that are mostly or entirely in Swedish.

I recommend this genre-crossing mix and this more pop-leaning mix to start.

And for Christmas I bought my sister Vart jag mig i världen vänder by Den Svenska Bjornstammen. It's not available on Amazon in the US (except as an atrociously overpriced CD) but it's on iTunes. I've been singing the chorus in the shower, never mind that I don't know the lyrics and make Swedish phonemes instead.


I have a Spotify list with (mainly) modern pop in Swedish if you’re interested:




And here's 16 Swedish hits in 6 minutes by two completely irrelevant people...

And I don't speak Swedish so judging by this video this might be a "bad" song to some people but it sounds good and, hey, you gotta learn everything if you're gonna learn a language! XD


Cool! Thanks I'll check them right away


Oh um the last one I Google translated it, it's not exactly like super appropriate but like if you want to be fluent you have to learn everything at some point. ._.

**If anyone thinks I should remove it I can... I just like the sound of the song, it's catchy lol.


Hahahah it's okay. I mean know a days everyone is used to it thanks to Nijki Minaj or however the name is written. Anyway, I don't get offended by lyrics LOL Thanks for the warning though


I'm probs gonna buy every song Alina Devecerski has ever put on iTunes USA and obsess over her for like 3 or 4 months. I just started getting obsessed with Roosbeef so um I have to wait for her new album to come out and get tired of that before I start fangirling over Alina-senpai-chan.


I'm not sure how good your swedish is, but one can slow the videos down on youtube. It may make it easier to listen along :)


My swedish is not even "acceptable" I barely started it. So thanks for your advice hahahaha


I recommend stiftelsen.

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