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"Den orange fisk spiser et orange æg."

Translation:The orange fish eats an orange egg.

January 7, 2015



Why is it not called "et oranget æg"?


Doesn´t it have to be "This orange fish" or something like that? Otherwise it would have to be "Orange fisken", doesn´t it?


Me too interesting why "oranget" is not using here. Egg is the neuter gender and singular.

Can anybody help me?


"Orange" along with a couple of other colors are irregular and doesn't change according to the noun.

"En orange kat."
"Et orange æg."
"To orange cykler."

Another color that behaves like this is "lilla" (purple) and a couple of colors does not take an "e" in the definite/plural form, like "grå" and "blå".


I find it very hard to know when a sentence should be is eating/is reading etc or when it is eats/reads because in English either is fine. Has anyone worked out how to tell?


The Danish present tense translates to both the present tense and the continuous form in English and both forms should be written in so Duo accepts them. I haven't come across but a couple of sentences where only one of the forms were accepted. If you are sure that you've not made another mistake in the sentence, and you find that either of the forms aren't accepted, please report it via the report button.

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