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  5. "Det finns inga bevis."

"Det finns inga bevis."

Translation:There is no evidence.

January 7, 2015



varför är det inga och inte ingen eller inget. Inga är plural, eller hur? så det måste vara there are no evidence


In Swedish, evidence is countable. So ett bevis means ’one piece of evidence’ and is used in the plural to mean ’evidence’. It’s the same with möbler which means ’furniture, and en möbel is ’one piece of furniture’.


Point taken. Shall it still not be accepted to write : "There are no proofs", though ?


so....familjenbevis means "family evidence"?


I think a closer general translation for "bevis" in words like this would be "proof (of)".

It seems that English often use "certificate" for documents of proof, while Swedish alters between "certifikat" and "bevis".


I think bevis probably means the same as we say in Dutch: bewijs. Wich means: proof. But we use that word also for documents that proof something such as in 'rij-bewijs', which is drivers license. So 'bevis' probably can also be used as 'licence' i guess.


The first "d" really sounds like a "v" on the audio.. :/

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