"La ragazza non risponde, passiamola al dottore!"

Translation:The girl does not answer, let's pass her to the doctor!

July 25, 2013

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For those of you practicing English, "let's pass her to the doctor!" implies you're trying to get rid of the girl because you don't want to deal with her anymore (i.e. you're "passing her off"). "Let's take her to the doctor" is a much better translation.


or "let's send her to the doctor!" which seems a bit closer to the italian verb used here.


that's what i thought...


Anche in italiano.


this site does heavily favour the literal over the correct translation!


Only in the cases where it hasn’t been corrected yet.


On the subject of doctors, not only does pass her to the doctor sound a bad translation to an English ear, the other word that can cause confusion is visitare, which in a medical context is to examine


I agree. It they mean to take her to the doctor, then pass her to the doctor is not the same idea.


but I am told that that is exactly how they would say it in Italian, it just shouldn't be translated literally I guess. If I am stuck I translate literally and see what DL comes up with

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