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Resetting is not working properly, should I remove instead?

I have Reset the French language course several times, now, but it never goes back to its purely pristine state. Advanced words show up in the very first lesson.

If I delete the French language, can I add it back to my roster afterwards so I can completely start over from scratch without any vestige of history?

July 25, 2013



yea I found the same with Spanish, it reset all the points and the tree, but still remembered where I was up to in the previous tree and kept giving me vocab in the lessons from where I had gotten up to before I reset it.


So did you delete the language? The warning message says removing it can not be undone. Does that mean you can not re-add the language after deleting it?


I don't know what happens after you've removed it, I have removed languages but have not gone back to them

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